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  • What makes Santum a unique place to visit ?
    At Santum we are characterized by offering a magical experience more than a stay. The following points make us unique and special for the guests who visit us. 1.Everything is thought, prepared and verified to offer you a stay of 100% satisfaction. 2.Attention to detail from service to installation is top notch. 3.The service is fully customizable to your liking, from breakfast to the type of pillows. 4.The couple that visits us does not share common areas, you will have 100,000Mt2 of forest reserve all to yourself. 5.We are specialists in special celebrations, we will prepare everything for you. 6.We have additional special services, from helicopter transfers to beautiful flowers. If you are looking for a magical and unforgettable moment as a couple in Santum We can make it happen.
  • How private is it?
    The complete Forest of 100,000mt2 of forest reserve is exclusive for you, when you book in Santum you not only acquire the VAIU Suite but the entire land.
  • How do you get to SANTUM?
    PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION From Bogotá on the road that leads to Tunja, take the variant to Villa De Leyva, and from Villa De Leyva on the road that leads to Santa Sofía, on average without stops it is a trip of 3 to 3 hours and a half . PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION From the north or south bus terminal you take a direct transport to Villa de Leyva and then you can hire a private transport to the site. If you want us to help you schedule your transfer, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What is the rate per night?
    Our rates vary by date and can be consulted and reserved at by selecting the desired dates on the calendar.
  • Why should you book a minimum of 2 nights?
    At Santum we strive in every detail down to the smallest. Our VAIU room is qualified by several people as the best room in Villa de Leyva, without a doubt a magical place for a couple who wants a weekend to remember forever. All the details and services of the room are special, which generates high costs. For this reason one night is not enough to cover them, if you want to live the magic of our insurance experience you will realize this.
  • What means of payment do you receive?
    Our allied payment gateway is Mercado Pago, you can pay for your reservation with the payment method you want when checking out of the gateway.
  • What does the published value include?
    INCLUDED BY RESERVATION:*Accommodation 1 or 2 Adults*Accommodation King Size Bed*Private bathroom*Welcome Cocktail*Special Dates Decoration*Breakfast to taste to prepare*Minibar With Drinks Included Free*Infrared Gas BBQ*Fully Equipped Kitchen*Outdoor Living Room*Jacuzzi 2x2mts Heated*Outdoor Gas Fireplace*180 Degree Viewpoint Terrace*Private Forest 100,000mt2 / Condiments, Coffee, Coffee maker, Bathroom utensils, Towels / Additional Services- Massages - Florist - Drone-Helicopter transfer and more
  • Breakfast is included?
    YES, select whatever you like from our menu of options and you will find everything in the Suite upon arrival.
  • How far in advance should I make my reservation?
    We recommend a lead time of 30 days, since it is the average wait time for a free weekend.
  • Are pets allowed?
    WE LOVE animals, our fauna and flora sanctuary is a magical biodiversity center! Unfortunately, some of the decoration items are unique and delicate, which has not allowed us to enable the space for pets.
  • Is the entry of minors under 18 years of age allowed?
    Santum is a thoughtful space designed for an unforgettable moment as a couple, all our guests must be of legal age (Colombia).
  • What is the check-in and check-out time?
    Entry can be made from 03:00 pm until any time. check out should be at 11:00am.
  • How is the access road for my car?
    On average there are 15 minutes of uncovered road, which is always in good condition, even for small cars, you will not have to worry about this point.
  • How's the weather?
    In Santum it is usual to have hot temperatures during the day and low temperatures at night, we recommend that you bring clothes for warm weather and for cold weather. Inside the room, don't worry about the nights... Our high-quality lines guarantee you a completely pleasant night.
  • What if I don't want to cook?
    With our agreement with DOMICILIOS VILLA DE LEYVA S.A.S you have at your disposal from 8am to 11pm ALL the gastronomic offer of Villa De Leyva, from the most classic Italian to Korean food, you will find some recommended menus in the room.
  • Do you do Homes to the place?
    Yes, we have an agreement with DOMICILIOS VILLA DE LEYVA S.A.S that, for an extra charge, can fulfill your wishes, from 8am to 11pm.
  • Are there shops nearby?
    YES, just 15 minutes away you will find supermarkets, ATMs, service stations, among others.
  • What do we recommend to bring?
    *Potable Water *Sound equipment *Two Umbrellas *Comfortable clothes for a sunny day *Sweatshirt and warm jacket for the night *Cheese board and sandwiches *Meat or Veggie option for a BBQ *Sportswear in case you want to go out on an experience *Food for your stay *Shorts or swimsuit for the Jacuzzi *Repellent
  • What NOT to bring?
    *More people than those who reserved will not be able to enter *Heels or high shoes *Pets *Firewood or products for campfires or inflammables *Condiments, sauces, coffee, sugar, salt, oil and others (ARE INCLUDED)
  • Do you offer overnight or visitors?
    Our policies do not allow visitors or overnight stays.
  • Do you have transfer service?
    You can contact us to organize.
  • Do you have to pay 100% in advance?
    To reserve your stay, you must pay the total value of the nights in advance.
  • For how many people is the VAIU Suite?
    VAIU Suite has a maximum occupancy of 2 adults.
  • Is it allowed to make campfires?
    Under no circumstances, the room has a gas fireplace.
  • Smoking is allowed?
    NOT inside the room since it is inside a pine forest, but we have a safe smoking area
  • Is the parking lot private?
    Yes, exclusively for the visitor.
  • Is the car far from the room?
    At Santum we think of EVERYTHING, your vehicle will be only 40 meters away so you can easily unload your things.
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